Thinking of a brand refresh or new logo?

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After a few years a lot of business owners question “should I get a brand refresh or new logo design?”. When it’s time for a brand refresh the first place that people often look is their logo. But it can be worth considering keeping your old logo. You can then use your budget in a creative way to refresh everything else related to how your brand looks. This might seem like a strange suggestion. At anne+co., we have completed several projects where the client ended up with a new look and a more developed identity that worked better for them – while retaining their old logo.

A new logo with the same old problems

Consider the scenario, you have a logo for your company but most of your marketing material looks tired and dated. It’s easy to blame the logo, the logo must be the problem – “we need a new logo”. So you spend your budget on a new clean and modern logo. This works great where the logo appears on its own, such as signage. However, everywhere else you will run into the same issues where your print and digital marketing material looks inconsistent and out of step with your brand.

Maximising your brand refresh budget

If you have the budget to cover a new logo and new support elements, then proceed in this manner. However for a more restricted budget, we strongly advise keeping your old logo and putting your spend to use with the supporting elements. You’ll be amazed how much better your logo will look with improved typography and a refreshed colour palette. Your brand refresh rollout will also be smoother with the possibility of money saving where large signage and other graphics do not need to be fully replaced.

Example of a brand guideline which is useful to refresh a brand and keep it consistent.
We created a selection of branding elements for Brightfield so their marketing collateral had an interesting and consistent look.
Brand guideline showing how logo should be used on dark and light backgrounds.
We tweaked the original logo design to make it neater and more flexible.

Advantage of keeping your old logo

As well as the financial advantage outlined above you also have the advantage of familiarity with your current clients. Changing a logo can cause a negative reaction from loyal customers who dislike change. They tend to be much more receptive to changes that happen elsewhere in the visual representation of your brand such as brochures and website design.

Another example of a brand guidline. Guideline highlights how to use brand materials and can refresh a brand without a new logo design
We made small changes to the Carlow County Council logo to allow for use over photographs and narrow vertical spaces.

Your logo design has caused specific problems in the past

We accept that there will be cases where the logo does need to be updated for technical reasons. We would take this into consideration when completing the brand refresh. Examples of this includes a logo that was originally designed as a jpeg so a vector version for professional print is not available. A logo that can not sit over an image, a logo that will not work in small or portrait/landscape orientations. In these cases a “tidied-up” version of the logo would be created. Along with this, additional official versions for different applications to ensure consistency and a professional look overall are also created.

Your old logo with your problems fixed

If you feel more open to maintaining your old logo yet arming yourself with a whole new visual toolkit we can help. If you’re still not convinced we have examples that show how successful this approach has been for our clients.

Example of a brand refresh for an agriculture company who did not want a new logo
We designed a visual identity for IHFA so instead of having just a logo they now have elements that they can use to create visually interesting and professional adverts, brochures and much more.
Brand guideline examples
Progressive Genetics retained their old logo but we provided them with a new colour palette, new typography styles and graphic elements that they can use in a flexible way on all of their printed and digital marketing material.

If you would like us to send you more information on any of the above examples please let us know.

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