How branded promotional items can create memorable moments for customers

How branded promotional items can create memorable moments for customers

Design is a powerful communication tool and it can offer an innovative solution to a number of business challenges. Designers by nature are problem solvers. We receive a brief (i.e. a problem) and come up with an innovative way to solve it. The past few years have been particularly challenging for our clients but as creative problem solvers, we have been able to use design to create opportunities.

Great Design Adds Value

We worked with a number of our clients to create some resources for their customers that added value. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate to your customers that you are thinking about their point of view and come up with solutions for them. We worked with KEENAN to design branded games for children. These sheets were perfect for all farming fanatics (young and old!). Follow the link below for access to these free resources from math quizzes to colouring sheets, paper crafting and everything in-between! Check it out here!

UCD Green Campus Colouring book

Keeping in contact with people and keeping your mind active are two things that take a little extra effort at the moment. This is why UCD wanted to create an engaging and fun way to keep in touch with students and staff while also ensuring the communication piece was relevant and educational.

We worked together with UCD Green Campus and the incredibly talented illustrator Ron Wilson to create the UCD Nature and Biodiversity Colouring Book. Ron created a set of illustrations based on the birds and butterflies found on the campus at UCD. We designed the colouring book to be more than just a gathering of black and white pages – we incorporated the beautifully coloured illustrations into the design along with information on each species. The actual colouring pages were then designed in black only. This approach allowed us to supply UCD with two different files, one with the full design with all pages and a separate file for printing at home featuring only the colouring pages. The result was 12 pages of pure, educational, mindful, activity fun! The book ranges in difficulty levels, making it accessible for all to enjoy – from young to old!

UCD promoted the colouring book through their UCD Green Campus social media channels and their website. The feedback from students and staff was fantastic and UCD felt that they successfully created engagement in a time when we all can feel a little disconnected. This activity book is useful, engaging, entertaining and most importantly, educational. So sit back, have fun, and expand your biodiversity knowledge! Check it out here!

How branded promotional items can create memorable moments for customers
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MSD Colouring Sheet

To celebrate their 100 millionth dose MSD Carlow commissioned us to create a colouring sheet that included some related but engaging illustrations for children. As the milestone was reached during lock down a colouring sheet was the perfect way to celebrate and to help to keep kids entertained while they were off school. This sheet was sent to all MSD Carlow staff. Here’s an example of some of the amazing entries from Ruby Phelan age 5 and Lily Phelan aged 8. Great jobs girls!

anne+co. chocolate

We designed custom chocolate bars as a thank you for our clients. We had to create a branded packaging solution that would be attention grabbing and functional (as we posted these out to customers). Because the chocolate bards were small this meant space was limited on the pacakaging itself. So we included QR codes as part of the chocolate bar packaging. This led to a secret landing page where another surprise awaited them. We capitalised on the increased global usage of QR codes post Covid.

Chocolate Bar Packaging Design

On the landing page the customer could select one free gift, which highlighted our service offering.

We were able to track QR scans and landing page engagement using this approach. Overall, the campaign had a 63% engagement rate on QR code scans. And a 13% conversion on the landing page itself. This was a very successful campaign and well above industry averages for conversions on landing pages (2%) and average QR code scan rate

Secret Landing page
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