Chocolate packaging design from around the world

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We recently ran a campaign where we treated some customers to a specifically designed anne+co. chocolate bar.

anne+co. branded chocolate bars

During the design process we got inspired by so many chocolate bar packaging design from around the world.

America – Harper McCaw

This patriarchal design uses a limited colour palette, graphic design and typefaces that scream Americana. It was inspired by an impending election with each flavor reflecting a political party, issue or phrase. A pop-up shop was even set up so that people could vote for their favorite bar. The collaboration between Design Army and Harper McCaw “resulted in a product that added humor and sparked conversation during an often contentious season.”

Chocolate packaging design from around the world
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Peru – Marana Craft

These bars are reflecting a nation where chocolate is made – Peru. The Marana Craft packaging design showcases the culture and traditions of various Peruvian towns and how they contribute to the development of chocolate. The artwork also displays popular art of each area, boosting the authentic feel of this graphic design.

Germany – Lapp & Fao chocolate

These chocolate bars were designed as journals. Distinguished by the volume numbers on the spine. Each one was created to be a “delicious memento of Lapp & Fao’s travels.” This is an innovative packaging solution that incorporates a cardboard box as outer packaging and considers the design on that as well as the individual label design on the chocolates themselves.

Japan– Seibu Department Store chocolate

This innovative and outside-of-the-box Japanese design has created chocolate paint tubes. Each one has a different flavor of syrup inside and collectively they form an oil paint set.

France – Le chocolat des Francais

This unique packaging design showcases the content and language of traditional French culture. From beret’s to the traditional striped t-shirts, this packaging makes you go “Oh la la.” The script typeface and logo boost the authenticity of this small village made chocolate.

Vietnam – Marou

Everything in the Marou chocolate making process is done by hand and the packaging design is no different. These delicate brown paper wrapped chocolate bars feel very authentic. To reflect the handmade nature, the packaging is decorated with authentic and traditional Vietnamese art forms, known as Đông Hồ. This form of print-making was established in a small village in North Vietnam. To create these designs, Rice Creative worked with a family who has been practising this art form for 500 years.

Africa – Leonidas chocolate

With bright and bold African motifs, this packaging design has created a pattern to reflect the fruit from the different African countries, such as mango, papaya and pineapple.

Ecuador – 1892 Premium chocolate

In 1892 Equador was the largest international exporter of cacao beans. This packaging aimed to reflect this legacy with its vintage design. The packaging is even made from an eco-friendly reed paper from Ecuador. To further create the feel of vintage currency, the typeface was chosen following a study on the Ecuadorian currency of 1892.

New Zealand – Whittaker’s chocolate

Using traditional Maori motifs and kiwi icons, the Whittaker’s Artisan chocolate packaging range incorporates Kiwi culture into an elegant gold foiled pattern. Each flavor’s design drew inspiration from a different town or region in New Zealand, e.g. “Hawke’s Bay Black Dorris Plum” and “Marlborough Sea Salt”.

India– Kodagu homemade chocolates

This packaging is representative of the community of Karnataka in India. The imagery of the tribe has even been used to communite the brand’s history. They used muted tones to reflect the local and homely feel of this product.

Armenia – Chocolate packaging design

Chocolate was the “food of the Gods” for the Mayan people and was considered a very special gift in their culture. Chocolate actually derives from the Mayan word ‘xocolatl’ which was later chocolatl. This label design strongly reflects Mayan culture and highlights the significant and holy meaning of gifting and sharing chocolate with somebody.

Singapore – Sucre Organic chocolate

The detailed packaging of this tea-infused, organic artisanal chocolate with bright colours and gold-foil finishing reflects past and present Singapore. Flowers and tea are long-standing and significant parts of Asian culture, and the delicate packaging design reinforces the hand-crafted Singaporean qualities of the product.

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