How much should web design really cost?

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Getting a web design cost can be tricky. Everyone knows having a professional looking website is critical for your business. But it can be pricey – especially if you don’t have the right web designer on board from the beginning. Done badly you will pay twice down the road.

In this blog we outline the main pitfalls with web design agencies, what to look for, how much it should cost to get the result you need for your business.

What is web design?

When it comes to good web design it’s not just about how it looks. Design is important but it’s only one of many important aspects that you need to consider. A successful website will be the backbone of your marketing strategy. It bolsters key areas of the business like branding, lead generation and customer service. To do this, it needs elements such as convincing copywriting, persuasive photography and user focused design.

Beautiful web design is important but what is more important is how it works. When a person visits your website think about the experience from their point of view. How fast do they get all the info they need to assess your products/services and whether they’re right for you? Is it easy to find someone to contact or speak to if they have niche questions?

That’s where good web design comes in. User friendly design can help answer their questions quickly. Eye-catching visuals tell a story. They can engage and appeal to people straight away.

How much should web design really cost?
Learn how Web Design can transform your business.

Why is web design important?

More than half of Irish customers think that at some stage online shopping will completely take over the traditional brick and mortar shopping experience (especially for like groceries and toiletries clothing and electronics)

Brand Building

Having a professional website makes your business accessible to everyone. It helps build your brand and grow awareness. The majority of people start their research journey online – so making sure you stack up against your competitors at this pivotal early stage is vital for your long term success. When they do visit your website, if the experience is anyway sub-standard this will reflect badly on your brand.

A good website helps build credibility, build your brand and drives sales and leads.

Even if it’s not an e-commerce website your site should still be pulling its weight. Think of it as your digital brochure. Your virtual salesperson. It’s an opportunity to attract new customers through engaging experiences and content. If it’s not doing that then it’s not working hard enough.

Great user experience

We believe that the most important aspect of web design is considering the user. Creating a positive experience for them from start to finish is vital if you want to grow your business online. A positive user experience reflects well and impacts how the user sees your brand. It automatically generates the best first impression and makes you look professional. Websites need to serve the user’s needs and function they way they expect. That’s why at anne+co. we design for both.

How much should web design cost?

The cost of web design will depend largely on what the requirements of the project are e.g is it s new website, will it require a lot of pages, does it need an ecommerce platform?

All prices below are a rough guide and are subject to a discovery call with us. Let’s have a chat about what you need and come up with a more accurate price together.

For a simple website of around 8-10 pages with no complex functionality you’re looking at around €3,499 minimum. If you’re updating an existing website or adding functionality to it then this cost will be dictated by our web developers looking at the back end of the website and how it was set up.

Designing new websites

Starting from €3,499. This would include 8-10 pages of content all built on a system such as WordPress and an user experience tailored to your audience.

Ecommerce websites

This is where the price starts to increase due to various functionality and on the objectives of the website e.g a fully functional ecommerce website. Things like categories and product pages add complexity to the development and increase costs. It’s critical that users find the information they need to make a purchase and that when they get there the checkout is as easy and straightforward as possible. Shipping options, tax, discount codes etc. all need to run smoothly.  

For more information, check out our costs on our web design services page here.

How to choose the right web design agency

Web design that is responsive, user focused, on brand and accessible to everyone are key considerations when designing a new website or revamping an old one.

Responsive web design allows your brand to connect with your users and gain their trust. We use a variety of methods to create beautiful, user friendly websites tailored to your target market. Here are some things to bear in mind when choosing an agency/


Choosing a web design agency will depend on your requirements. How many pages do you need? What is the product directory? How do you categorise your products. A great design agency helps guide you on this and benchmark you against your competitors


This will be the first question any web design agency will ask when you approach them.  A web design agency will help scale the project to your absolute priorities. Your budget will limit the design ultimately, but a simple design with a few pages shouldn’t be impossible if you’re budget is around 4-5k.

Portfolio of work

Assess the web design agency’s portfolio. What professional websites have they worked on before? Do you like their visual style? Ask for results e.g bounce rates, load times, visitor numbers, lead captures.


Do your homework on who the web design agency has worked with previously.  Read their case studies. Ask for references so you can follow up with former clients.

Great design and a seamless user experience is key for growing your business. Depending on your budget we can help design a website that helps your expand. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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