Our Step By Step Design Process

Our Step By Step Design Process

Have you ever wondered what is the design process of a professional graphic designer? We are going to share our process. A design process is a systematic approach to solving design problems and creating effective and visually appealing designs. It is a set of steps that designers follow to create successful designs that meet the project goals and user needs. Below is our typical design process.

The Design Process:


Let’s get to know each other. The first step is to conduct research on the project, including the client’s goals, target audience, competitors, and industry trends. This helps to inform the design direction and ensure that the final product is effective in achieving the desired outcomes.

2. Conceptualise:

Next, we start brainstorming and ideating potential design concepts based on the research and project goals. This may involve creating sketches, mind maps, or mood boards to explore different design directions.

3. Draft:

Once a few promising concepts have been identified, we begin drafting designs. This may involve creating wireframes, prototypes, or rough drafts to test and refine the design direction.

4. Refine:

After reviewing the drafts, we the designers will refine the design, making changes and revisions as necessary to ensure that the final product meets the project goals and is visually appealing.

5. Present:

The refined design is then presented to the client for feedback and approval. This may involve creating multiple design options or variations to give the client a range of choices.

6. Finalise:

Once the design has been approved, in the final stage, the design files are prepared and delivered to the client or printer, depending on the project requirements.

7. Management/ Evaluate:

Make sure everything is working as it should. After the project is complete, we evaluate the effectiveness of the design and gather feedback from the client and end-users to inform future design projects.

Of course, every designer’s process may vary based on their personal style, client needs, and project requirements. However, generally, these steps form a solid foundation for an effective design process.

Here at anne+co. we have been is business for almost 30 years. This is a tried and tested method. We don’t rush the design process, we collaborate with our customers to produce high quality and effective design solutions. Check out some of our latest work here.

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