Save money on your new logo design

Save money on your new logo design

We completed several “new logo design” projects where we were able to save our client the full cost of a new logo design. We explain below how you can save money on your new logo design.

IHFA newspaper advert showing  new logo design.

How can I save money on logo design?

We do this by looking at the bigger picture. We will question if putting your spend to use with the supporting elements would be much more beneficial.

IHFA brochure before and after showing new logo design

I can only afford a logo. I can’t afford a full visual identity.

For a more restricted budget, we strongly advise keeping your old logo. We recommend putting your spend to use with the supporting elements. See an example here.

European industrial coatings logo over image

How does this fix or improve my old logo?

You’ll be amazed how much better your logo will look with improved typography and a refreshed colour palette.

European industrial coatings brand assets

I’m still not convinced – I need a new logo.

When it’s time for a brand refresh the first place that people often look is their logo. But it can be worth considering keeping your old logo. You can then use your budget in a creative way to refresh everything else related to how your brand looks. This might seem like a strange suggestion but we have evidence that it works. See some examples below where the old logo is retained within the new look.

At anne+co., we have completed several projects where the client ended up with a new look and a more developed identity that worked better for them – while retaining their old logo.

European industrial coatings new logo design over image

My logo doesn’t work so I need a new one.

We accept that there will be cases where the logo does need to be updated for technical reasons. We would take this into consideration when completing the project. Examples of this includes a logo that was originally designed as a jpeg so a vector version for professional print is not available. Another problem is a logo that cannot sit over an image, a logo that will not work in small or portrait/landscape orientations. In these cases a “tidied-up” version of the logo would be created. Along with this, additional official versions for different applications to ensure consistency and a professional look overall are also created – but it’s still not going as far as a “new logo”.

New logo design IHFA logo over images
Mullinahone co op pull up banners.

Can I save money on signage?

When you keep your old logo your brand refresh rollout will also be smoother with the possibility of money saving where large signage and other graphics do not need to be fully replaced.

Mullinahone co op new logo design colour options.
Mullinahone co op print advert example showing  new logo design.

Are there other advantages to keeping my old logo?

As well as the financial advantage outlined above you also have the advantage of familiarity with your current clients. Changing a logo can cause a negative reaction from loyal customers who dislike change. They tend to be much more receptive to changes that happen elsewhere in the visual representation of your brand such as brochures and website design.

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