Skincare packaging design trends

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Understanding market can help set your product out from the rest of the market. Here are some trends that were seen in current skincare packaging.

Eco-responsible packaging

Customers are opting for more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. E.g. Lush Cosmetics markets 100% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging. 35% of Lush products are sold ‘naked’ and without outer packaging. Eco-friendly packaging is an easy way of signalling to customers that the products are made with natural ingredients.

Similarly, Ethique is on a mission to eradicate the world of plastic waste. They started in 2012 when founder Brianne West began making natural beauty bars in her science degree lab. The bold colours used in their package design ensure high self impact and makes this memorable packaging

Skincare packaging design trends
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DIY/Customised label

Personalisation helps customers feel special as the product feels specifically for them. Take Skin Inc. for example. They use technology and customer data to provide truly bespoke skincare. The label design is tailored around the user.

Skin Inc packaging
Skin Inc packaging, not designed by anne+co.

Wondermins is a New Zealand company that allows customers to get a supply of daily vitamins that are completely customised to their needs.

Skincare for Men

Male skincare tends to have more informative and minmal label design. It is aimed at helping the customer get to know more about the product and make an informed decision when buying. The below product packaging design reflect these preferences.

Minimalist Packaging Design

Going minimal means a limited colour palette and reduced text. It relies more on visuals but can convey information about the product better than a paragraph of words would. It creates more of an emotional connection and helps encourage more intuitive shopping experience.

Pastel Packaging

Pastels are coming back on trend with the rise of feminine and calming packaging design. It speaks to our softer side and offers an alternative to the bold bright colours that have also been seen in product packaging. Pastel packaging gives the product a warm and welcoming feel, customers are eased into it rather than being rushed – exactly what they want when browsing skincare labels.


Adults relate to drawing based designs because it conveys energy and reminds them of their childhood. Doodles are often imaginative illustrations that describe the product in an exciting way and can make the customer smile.

Big Text

It’s easy to send a clear message when the focus of the packaging is large text. Often a bold and sans serif font is used to catch the customer’s attention. This is usually coupled with a serious or creative message can ensure they continue checking out the product. This is particularly useful in skincare packaging and cosmetic packaging when there might be a lot of ingredients but you want to get one main point across.

Vintage Packaging Design

Throwback design thrives on nostalgia. It also gives the impression that the product has been around for a while. This can convey quality and successful. Vintage design in skincare packaging shows the brand identity has tradition through the use of structure, a limited colour palette and clear detailing.

Holographic Packaging

Adding a holographic foil effect brings flair to any product. An innovative packaging style creates depth through the changing colours. The resulting light effect is eye catching and adds value and elegance.

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