Effective Packaging Design: How to achieve it?

Can you achieve effective packaging design? We believe so. If it starts a conversation. If it sparks a memorable interaction. Every package is a chance to begin a relationship or inspire. What makes a great packaging solution?

Here are the most important features your packaging design solution should have:

Eye-catching Design

Packaging design is your chance to “wow” your potential customer.

Unboxing is supposed to be the beginning of an experience with the product. There are so many YouTubers making a large income off simply unboxing and reviewing packaging and everything that comes with the product.

The dream is that a customer takes a video or photo of your lovely designed packaging. Eye catching doesn’t necessarily mean vibrant colours or being ‘different’ in some way. Therefore needs to engage your target audience visually. That’s the most important consideration when forming your packaging strategy.  You can do this by

A high-quality packaging design that draws the eye to the shelf from a distance. Depending on your target audience, you can incorporate different packaging effects to stand out from the crowd. For example, cosmetics packaging use holographic effects that change colour as you way by. Some brands can use foils and embossing to create similar effects.

Effective Packaging Design: How to achieve it?
Learn how Packaging can transform your business.

Effective Packaging Design

It needs to be eye catching, but also there does have to be a uniqueness to your design. Not for the sake of it, but it needs to say something in it’s uniqueness.

Capture their attention from afar, but also keep them hooked and wanting to learn more. This can be done using unique shapes. Thinking outside of a traditional square design can work wonders. What are your competitors doing? Is there a disruptive shape your product could come in – even slight tweaks can make the difference. Again. Don’t do it for the sake of it. Be practical.

Beyond structural changes, press effects and texture changes add something unique that customers will want to interact with. Soft-touch coatings, specialty substrates, embossing, or debossing help accomplish this goal.

See the below siracha sauce. Not your usual bottle shape, and evokes a canister of gasoline which conveys heat and power!

Sriracha packaging design, orange can style container with yellow pepper sketch pattern
Sriracha sauces by André Moreira. It all comes down to creativity. not designed by anne+co

Practical and Durable Packaging Design

Trust us – packaging’s durability is one of the biggest challenges to face. Cardboard is both light and durable. You also need to consider how heavy the product is and it’s shape. You need to be mindful of how it will be shipped. For this, branded shipping boxes might be a good choice if the product i9s anyway fragile or needs to look a certain way on arrival.

The outer packaging needs to be a perfect match for your product. Does it do it justice?

Although visual appeal and uniqueness are crucial elements of a successful packaging design, it’s also crucial that your strategy has a high level of functionality and effectiveness. How well does your design, be it a structural folding carton or a rigid set-up box, communicate your brand message and unique value proposition? How does your design fit into a retail environment? If your packaging design doesn’t stand out on the shelves or is not conducive to being used in a variety of store merchandising displays, it may lead to lower-than-anticipated sales. Details related to shipping and pack-out should also be considered during the design stage.

Striking the right balance between aethetics, difference, and efficacy is a challenge even for the most experienced designers. Partnering with an industry-leading packaging agency and printer can help you think outside the cardboard box.

Packaging that conveys your brand personality

Effective packaging design has a lot of work to do. Not only does it need to sell the product, stand out from the crowd, it also needs to convey basic information about what the product is and the benefits. Furthermore, it needs to showcase the branding.

Consider it as a kind of dialogue with the customer. If one of your most important features includes an eco-friendly approach or sustainable feature then an eco friendly box is the way to go.

Brand development needs to consider the packaging as much as the packaging needs to reflect the brand personality. How do you convey the brand values? What is important to your company and how can you communicate this effectively? Packaging needs to be consistent with all branding and marketing channels.

Supposing you are a clothing producer that is colourful and stylish, a more creative and crazy design of the box can surely convey your message. Or your product is a boxed water and you go for a minimalist design, with very clear message about your product’s advantage over competition. The point is to make your customer aware that you put your heart in every step and element. 

Boxed water packaging with Times Square in the background
Boxed Water Packaging Design – just an example, not designed by anne+co.

Intuitive packaging design

There are boxes that look astonishing due to their creativity.

There are boxes with irregular shapes and incredibly designed forms, but it often happens at the cost of functionality. And there’s hardly anything so irritating (in the packaging world) than a box that takes too much time to open. If it’s not intuitive, the risk of destroying the box is much higher.

Additionally, it might influence how your customer perceives the brand and the product – nobody likes to waste time unnecessarily.

Have you taken these considerations into account with your packaging design?

We can help create visually captivating packaging design that conveys the message of your brand, and is user friendly, and functional.

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