Informative website with a seamless user experience for a Fortune 500 company.


Project Idea

Brightfield wanted a website that reflected their progressive and pioneering approach to the new world of work. That’s where we came in! We worked on improving both the usability and performance of their website. We achieved this by correcting issues in the website backend, improving and implementing an SEO strategy and looking at key UX methods such as A/B testing and usability testing to design correctly for the user.


Project Description

We redesigned key pages throughout the website to reflect the company’s new positioning and to improve metrics and conversions on each page. This included redesigning the entire navigation system used in both the footer and header – not only visually but also renaming menu segments and labels to be more universal. We used A/B testing to validate any assumptions we had.

Taking the blog as an example, we introduced a range of key UX and aesthetic elements to increase engagement such as a scroll bar and a sticky side navigation with social sharing. We also added key CTA’s at the end of each blog that specifically related to the type of blog the user was reading.

United States

Who are Brightfield?

Brightfield are a Fortune 500 company that are leading the way in augmented analytics. They aim to powers the economics of digital transformation in the workplace. They are based in Washington, United States.

Scope of work


  • UX Workshop
  • Research & Analysis
  • Affinity Diagram
  • Site Map
  • Wireframes

Web Design

  • Information Architecture
  • Layout Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Animations
  • Blog
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