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A new user focused website with tonnes of personality.

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Project Idea

Conscia felt their website was not reflective of their brand values or personality. On top of this the website was content heavy and had no defined user flow or path. This meant that their bounce rate was high – meaning less engaged users and less leads.


Project Description

A major objective of the project was to portray the brands values and personality throughout the website via both content and overall design. It needed to match the warmth and energy of the brand’s culture. In addition to the main website, we were tasked with creating a landing page template which would be used as a job board for Conscia’s clients. From these page active jobseekers can apply directly for a job which is then managed by Conscia. 

Prior to starting the design we undertook a UX workshop with Conscia. During the UX workshop, we mapped out the user journey and identified areas for improvement. For example, we found the lead capture process too lengthy and time consuming. There wasn’t enough information given to the user to encourage them to complete the contact form. There was a mismatch with what the user needed to read versus what they were served. We tailored the messaging and content around their mindset and key business challenges. 

For the visual design we used Conscia’s orange to create floating elements which were incorporated to inject a sense of joy, enthusiasm, and fun. The company’s ambition is that people ‘Work. Happy’ so this colour choice was reflective of that. 

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Who are Conscia?

Conscia are an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service provider. Their talent management module aims to reduce costs and improve efficiency with the ultimate ambition of helping everyone to ‘Work. Happy’.  

anne+co. recently designed and built our brand new website with a unique look and feel. They took the time to understand our users’ needs and this empathy has produced a much smoother user flow throughout the site.
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Scope of work


  • UX Workshop
  • Research & Analysis
  • Affinity Diagram
  • Site Map
  • Wireframes

Web Design

  • Information Architecture
  • Layout Design
  • Responsive Design
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