Design Plus SETU

Design Plus toolkit open and placed on a window sill. Internal cards of the toolkit can be seen.

Project Idea

Design+ came to us looking for a redesign of their Innovation Toolkit. This information pack and course tools would be the core material for their innovation courses. The brief was for a toolkit that was engaging, durable and fit for purpose. The idea was also that this information pack could also be used again to help guide any future project the participants wanted to undertake after completing the course.


Project Description

The toolkit would be used to define and develop an idea or approach a project without ideas yet. The Innovation Journey Map and individual cards guide the user through a process that identifies new opportunities and thinking. This process helps companies utilise the possibilities within their own business and bring out the best.   


The main design element were the cards. They needed to be organised around the four distinct stages of the course – mapping, framing, ideating and actioning. Creating a user-friendly design was critical in assisting users in making the most out of the Toolkit/information pack. Engaging design would help inspire and get the most engagement.   


Another key part of the project was the packaging design for the box the entire kit came in. This would be the user’s first impression of Design+ but also their first interaction with the course. Not only did it have to make a good impression, but it also needed to be sturdy enough to last the 6–8-week course, and beyond (for future use).  

Pull out from the Design Plus toolkit
Engineering, ICT & Bioscience
We love the design anne+co. created, it is exceptional, and our brief was interpreted in such a creative manner. It really brings the course to life and is so user friendly. Course participants have commented on the high quality and durability of the cards as well as the engaging design. We look forward to working with anne+co on our future projects.
Lynne Whelan
Design Plus
Instructional manual of how to use the Design Plus toolkit
Contents and overview of the Design Plus toolkit
Ideation techniques card from within the toolkit displayed individually
Toolkit open showing contents inside and instructional manual by its side
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