Website design for renewable energy
Letterhead design and business card design

Project Idea

JW Solar approached us to help them get their new formed business up and running. They needed a suite of branded material as well as a fresh and modern website that would generate valuable business for them. 

With the goal of developing a memorable and striking brand on top of an effective website we were delighted to take on the project. Through a user experience workshop carried out with the owner of JW Solar we were able to understand their clients deeply and develop a brand and website that appealed to this audience. 


Project Description

To begin with we worked on developing a memorable brand which would be centered around a unique logo mark that could be used across multiple mediums. We drafted 3 logo designs and presented them to JW Solar who chose their preferred option. Through revisions and adaptions we were able to come to a final logo that was both memorable and meaningful. From the colour to the icon, it embodied everything that solar power is.

Having crafted a logo that the client was very happy with, we adapted the design to a large-scale van graphic. Being a solar panel installation company, the staff at JW Solar are going to be on the road a lot travelling from site-to-site. For this reason, we felt a striking van graphic would be an essential and free means of advertising their services. The large-scale logo icon, coupled with the yellow colour make this van graphic very striking and would catch the eye of people while out on the road.

We then moved on to research for the creation of a high performing website. Conducting competitor analysis gave us valuable insights into what the competitive landscape looked like, as well as what information was considered important by competitors. We used these findings to kick off our UX Workshop with the client and developed further tools that would help us inform our decision such as personas, user journey maps and goal statements. Armed with these findings we were able to move to the design of the website.

Website design for Solar Panels
Renewable Energy
Carlow, Ireland

JW Solar

A family-owned solar panel installation company based in Carlow. Recently founded as a branch off from an existing and well-performing electrical business. 

Anne + Co have been instrumental in creating my brand. All of the team members were extremely helpful and their attention to detail was like no other. I would highly recommend Anne + Co if you are looking to seamlessly create or grow your brand.
Jamie Whelan
JW Solar
Logo design for solar panels
Van graphics design for solar panel company
Website design for energy company in Ireland
Business Card Design

Scope of work


  • Discovery call 
  • UX Workshop 


  • Logo & branded materials 
  • Vehicle graphics 
  • Website wireframes 
  • High fidelity Figma designs 


  • Unique & memorable brand 
  • Responsive website 
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