For Meadows we designed packaging and developed a brand strategy that gave the business the traction it needed to succeed.


Project Idea

We worked alongside Meadows wanted to increase their overall brand presence online with a particular focus on Instagram. Like a lot of companies who haven’t used social media to market their business, spending money on marketing can seem like a risky move! Our client wanted to ‘test the waters’ to see what kind of results could be achieved with a small budget.


Project Description

Meadows was at the point of either closing the business or giving it one more go. She came to us looking for new packaging (which it needed). When we reviewed everything we advised Meadows that the budget was better spent on marketing first.

People weren’t aware of the brand so we developed a digital strategy first – with an emphasis on social media and PR. We created a social media campaign with a goal of increased following and driving brand awareness with a budget of €30 for social media advertising.

Meadows gift sets were all in boxes – which was more of a costly investment as the boxes all varied in size. We suggested using cotton bags were more cost effective as well as sustainable.


Who are Meadows?

Meadows is a homegrown Irish organic skincare company.

"In January 2020 I was at the stage of having to decide to give up my business or see how I could develop my business. After anne+co. came on board they helped my business grow and flourish"
Clare Williams
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