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Project Idea

The team behind Project Carlow 2040 sought a partner to bring their transformative initiatives to life on the digital landscape They turned to us at anne+co a UX and web design agency known for crafting captivating online experiences.

With the goal to create a visually stunning and user-friendly platform that would effectively showcase the remarkable initiatives and achievements of Project Carlow 2040. Through meticulous design and seamless functionality, we aimed to capture the essence of their vision and convey it to visitors in an engaging and immersive manner.


Project Description

The primary objective of the Project Carlow 2040 website was to deliver essential information and updates to users regarding the ongoing initiatives of Project Carlow 2040. Our journey began by engaging in a productive meeting with key stakeholders, allowing us to gain valuable insights into the goals and aspirations of the site.

During these discussions, we uncovered the core purpose of the website: to educate and engage the public by providing details on the planned projects and ensuring they stay informed about the progress of each endeavor. To achieve this, we proposed the implementation of a captivating video as the main call-to-action on the homepage. We worked with an external company, Juvo, who had the expertise and experience required to deliver an exceptional level of video production. This video would succinctly convey the essence of Project Carlow 2040, offering users an easily digestible format to learn about its transformative vision.

Through further ideation and collaborative discussions, we identified and developed other crucial features for the website. One of these features was the creation of a dedicated news and updates page, designed to serve as a reliable channel for sharing progress updates on each individual project. This page would keep the public informed about the latest developments, fostering transparency and maintaining a strong connection between Project Carlow 2040 and its community.

Additionally, we crafted a projects page that would showcase the key initiatives encompassed within the broader Project Carlow 2040 plan. This page would provide a comprehensive overview of each project, highlighting their significance and contributions toward the overall vision. By presenting these projects in an organized and accessible manner, we aimed to engage users and generate enthusiasm for the future of Carlow.

County Council
Town Regeneration Strategy

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Anne & Co’s expertise, creativity, and professionalism have made the process of building the project Carlow 2040 website an absolute pleasure. From the very beginning, the team demonstrated a deep understanding of our vision and goals for the website. They took the time to listen attentively, asking thoughtful questions to ensure they had a clear understanding of our brand identity and the message we wanted to convey. Without a doubt the team at Anne & Co are true professionals who can transform your online presence and help you achieve your business goals.
Kieran Comerford, Head of Economic Development & Enterprise
Carlow County Council

Video production by Juvo

Scope of work


  • Discovery call

Design & production

  • Wireframes
  • Figma design
  • Video production


  • Responsive website
  • Professional video
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