Salon east

Refreshing and realigning a brand with the business goals.


Project Idea

Salon East approached us because they felt that their branding had become outdated and no longer reflected their premium hairdressing service offering.


Project Description

During our brainstorming and briefing process for their brand update, we quickly realised that their name didn’t align with the new image that they wanted to convey.  We suggested a name change in addition to the rebrand. This was for several reasons. Having the name ‘Group’ gave the salon a corporate feel which did not reflect the small, intimate setting and bespoke service they offer their clients. The salon is constantly renewing, improving and pushing forward. Their old name or branding did not reflect this.


The salon was rebranded to ‘Salon East.’  The term ‘East’ is a nod to the location of the salon, situated in the Southeast of Ireland. In addition, the term ‘East’ also represents new beginnings, which is fitting for the new brand and the feeling that their clients experience when they step out of the salon with their new hair.

Once the name was decided, we moved towards creating a visual identity to complement the new direction. We provided Salon East with an interactive design brief, displaying a variety of font and logo options. This enabled them to visually show us what their style preferences were. This saved time for both us and the client and established a clear design direction for all involved. Sometimes it can be hard for clients to communicate what they like and dislike so having visual aids like this can help all involved. The document was interactive, which made it easier for Salon East to provide feedback too.

Using the brief and the results from our discovery sessions, we presented them with three different concepts. These concepts included mood boards with colour and style ideas.

They chose a hybrid of elements from two of the three presentations.

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We couldn't be happier with the result. Anne, with her wealth of experience, and with a great psychology of rebranding, guided us in the right direction - we would highly recommend anne+co.
Salon East
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