Tuath Housing

We designed the 2021 Annual Report for Tuath as well as a bespoke interactive landing page demonstrating the annual report.


Project Idea

Tuath Housing came to us looking for a new look and feel for their Annual Report. They also wanted an interactive landing page to accompany the full report which would sit on their main website.


Project Description

The project was had two stages. Stage one was the design of the main annual report which would be available for download on the website and distributed digitally to key stakeholders. The second stage was designing a landing page that could be promoted across social channels and digital PR and build brand awareness for Tuath.

Tuath were looking for a new design direction compared to previous years. They didn’t want it to look too formal or corporate. Instead, they were looking for a design that captured the energy and commitment that Tuath puts into helping people. To achieve this, we developed a new secondary colour palette for the Tuath brand. We felt that the heavy use of black and dark grey in previous designs didn’t reflect the positivity associated with receiving the keys to your very own home.

Another important aspect of the design was the use of icons and charts to make the facts and figures more visually interesting and engaging. In contrast to the icon style we incorporated free flowing hand drawn illustrations to depict the people who live in the homes that Tuath provide. These illustrations give a friendly, soft feel to the design. We put photos of Tuath tenants centre stage of the design. This added a warmth and energy. Smiling, happy faces injected an joyful energy to the annual report design. It also underscored Tuath’s mission of improving lives and making housing accessible.


Who are Tuath Housing?

Tuath are a not-for-profit approved housing body (AHB) that helps provide quality, secure homes that people can afford. They provide homes to single people, families and those with special needs. It celebrated its 8000th  home in 2022.

We were absolutely delighted with the design anne+co. did for us. We’re so proud of the work we do and we needed a design agency that communicated Tuath’s branding and values. We really enjoyed working with them -their design process and project management made it seamless and they were able to deliver to a our timelines.
Tiarnan Spain
Tuath Housing

Scope of work

Web Design


Annual Report

Responsive landing page

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