Nicholas Mosse Pottery Signage


Project Idea

Nicholas Mosse Pottery requested that anne+co. review all the interior and exterior signage design at their premises Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. New directional signs and way-finding signage was required that would be easy to understand from a visitor point of view. The signage should make it easier for the visitor to explore the wonderful world of Nicholas Mosse Pottery – Irish Country Shop. The beautiful old mill, which is the engine of Nicholas Mosse Pottery, needed a refresh of signage that would complement the building’s ancient walls and architectural features. Key considerations for this way-finding design project were to: reduce the amount of signage, make it more brand consistent, eliminate the daily questions that staff were asked (Where are the toilets, lift, café?).


Project Description

We began with a full site survey. We reviewed: all roads leading to Nicholas Mosse Pottery, parking, wheelchair parking, main entrance, café & outdoor terrace area, lift/ stairs area, viewing areas, pay points, gift area, café, toilets, seconds area, no entry areas and exit points. By reviewing the journey from a visitor point of view we were able to determine ways in which the overall signage could be improved. It was also decided, during this exploratory phase, to include signage with interesting facts around the history of the old mill, the pottery story, the hydroelectricity, and the location. Working in partnership with our signage provider we collaborated throughout this signage project in relation to finish of signage materials, the signage sizes, costings, timelines, installation, and delivery. Brand consistency was essential throughout the signage design, with colours, fonts, shapes, sizes, and material finishes all taken into consideration. Once we had completed our research and design phase, we shared mockups with Nicholas Mosse Pottery to allow them to give feedback and signoff on our proposed solutions. The manufacturing and install of the signage was managed by us allowing Nicholas Mosse Pottery to continue their day to day operations without additional workload and admin.

Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny

In their own words “Our purpose and our passion is making beautiful tableware that gets used every day. Tableware that looks beautiful, feels good in your hands and is tough enough for everyday use.”

We chose anne+co. as previous work with them had always turned out successfully... anne+co. ensured that every detail was considered and redesigned to create a fluid, interesting flow in our retail premises. No problem was too small and their creative team worked long and hard to create a smart, more contemporary environment... Even though we are open 7 days, the business was never disrupted and all signs were in place in a short time. The Nicholas Mosse team was delighted with the signage work and would recommend anne+co. to any company contemplating a change.
Susan Mosse
Nicholas Mosse Pottery
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