Slide deck design: Engage your audience effectively

Slide deck design visual part of your PowerPoint presentation, and you can use them to communicate your content in an interesting way. However, if you do not have experience with designing slides or graphics, it might be difficult to design good slide decks on your own. Fortunately, we have a team of professional designers who can create high-quality presentations for you with a short turnaround. With professional design services from our team of graphic designers, you can save time by outsourcing the design process and focus on what matters: your presentation content and delivery!

Single slide with infographics being displayed on a television in an office meeting room.
Slide design to communicate a process to achieve new production targets.

Strategic Slide Designs that Tell a Story

Your slide deck design should be consistent, to give you and your audience a professional look. The slides should have a consistent colour palette, font type and size throughout the deck. This ensures it looks like one cohesive piece of work.

Slide deck design with illustrations, text and images being displayed on a desktop.

The visual elements of your presentation should tell a story. You can also use visuals to show how something works or gives an example of something you are talking about in your presentation.

Friendly and engaging slide deck design in an office environment
We designed slides for Lamh so their presentations were more interesting.

Designing Presentation Content

Presentation content should be kept short and simple. When your audience is looking at a slide, they should be listening to you and not trying to read the content. A single powerful image can say more than an entire paragraph of text. Keep in mind to use your slides as a tool for storytelling rather than just listing out facts. Graphs and charts add interest to your PowerPoint presentation, while lists and bullet points can be designed for huge visual impact.

Powerpoint presentation being displayed on three separate desktop displays
When we design slide for our clients we save them time and always make sure the visuals reflect their brand.

Professional Slide Deck Animations

There are a number of ways to add impact and interest to your PowerPoint presentation. One way is by adding animations. Animations allow you to add more content on each slide without having to worry about text being cut off or out of place on your slides. The end result is that your audience will have an easier time understanding what you’re trying to say. They will be able to see all the information in greater detail on each slide rather than having too much displayed at once or not enough space available for important content such as graphs and charts. Animations can also build anticipation and help when you are delivering your presentation.

Slide deck design being displayed on an iPad.
We animated slides so that facts and figures appear one at a time – allowing the audience to digest each one.

Get a Quote for Slide Deck Design

If you are looking for slide deck design services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team of designers is capable of providing the best result for your presentation. We will provide a quote for your slide deck design after reviewing your requirements.

Heading slide from a slide deck design being displayed on a projector screen.
Professional slide deck design can help make your presentation more exciting.

The rates may vary depending on the type of presentation and other factors like number of slides, content etc. You can also check out our portfolio before contacting us so that you can get an idea about our work quality as well as pricing structure.

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