Branding, considered.

We offer brand building services that help your company grow by communicating your message to your target audience

Cases when Brand Building Services can be helpful for companies.

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    Brand Positioning

    Brand design helps communicate your personality and what is important to you and your customers.
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    Brand awareness

    Engaging design sparks interest in your brand and clearly communicates your service offering or product value.
  • Consistent visual identity

    Consistency across all your marketing touchpoints is key when it comes to connecting with your audience.

Our Approach

Building a company brand is all about creating good will and a sense of trust with your customers. At anne+co. we specialise in strong brand positioning. Our branding experts will help you define and create a compelling brand that accurately reflects you and your business. We are a small, design studio based in Ireland. Our collaborative and agile team take pride in challenging our clients to see fresh perspectives that will help them grow.

Our Brand Building Process

Our Brand Building Process


During the discovery stage we get to know you. From your personality and values, to your target market and their needs.


We examine your brand's current position and investigate which direction your brand should go to maximise its potential. Together, we clarify the vision, strategies, goals and values of your company. This may involve a workshop to dig a bit deeper. As our team is based across Ireland this will be remote

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey. It helps create consistency throughout the brand as well as identify your brand values.

Brand Building

Using the brand strategy we focus on areas such as brand voice, and brand design elements to create a comprehensive brand identity that can be applied to everything, from your website to your packaging. We ensure that your brand identity is visually consistent and resonates with your target audience.


We provide the branding assets over to you with an accompanying brand guideline. All assets created should fully represent the values determined in the strategy phase and be flexible for use across all the relevant platforms.


The final stage of the process is reviewing the brand in action. Ensuring that business goals are achieved and take note of any improvements needed for future campaigns.

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Building a company brand takes time. It is made up of a number of moving parts from brand voice to visual identity. Successful brand positioning relies on consistenty across all platforms to create a positive image that connects with your target audience.

What we can offer

Brand Development

New brand development
Brand identity
Brand strategy
Brand awareness campaigns
Visual identity & logo development
Visual tone
Business growth
Business strategy


Annual Reports
Tradeshow Graphics

Digital Marketing

Social Media
Static Advertising
Animated Advertising
Brand Guideline
PowerPoint Presentation
Canva Assets

Tools we use

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After Effects
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Our Branding Pricing

We have a pricing plan to suit you. No matter how big or small your business.
Logo Design
Custom Quote
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Logo Design

starting from
For companies who do not have a logo or wish to redesign their existing logo.
What’s included:
  • Logo design consultation
  • Logo design iterations
  • Logo usage guidelines
  • Working logo files
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starting from
Brand building services for medium to large businesses.
What’s included:
  • A new look and feel for your brand
  • Design elements/assets for your brand
  • Template files (eg. flyer, advert, etc.)
  • Brand guideline
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contact us for a
Custom Quote
For medium to large businesses who need a bespoke solution.
What’s included:
  • Custom branding requirements
  • Brand positioning advice
  • Tailored to your business needs
  • Bespoke brand guideline

Brand building services are responsible for building a company brand. It can be used to refer to established brands who need help building brand awareness.


Brand Development – Brand development is the process of creating and strengthening your company’s brand.

Brand Voice – Brand voice is the unique personality of your brand. It portrays a positive image to the world about who your brand is.

Brand Positioning – This is how the brand is positioned in the marketplace. It can include a brand’s visual identity, visual tone and brand strategy (see below)

Brand Identity –  This encompasses the internal aspects of a brand such as mission and values.

Visual Identity – Visual identity is the externals of your brand – what you display to the world. The purpose of visual identity is to spark an emotional connection. It includes visual elements such as logo development, graphics, typography, colour and imagery.

Visual Tone – Similar to visual identity, visual tone includes colour, typography, photography and graphic design.

Brand Strategy –  This is a long term plan set out to achieve a particular goal for a brand and how it is to be achieved.

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