Packaging, considered.

Packaging design plays a huge part in decision making. That’s why packaging needs to be designed for the end user. It needs to be functional but attractive and establish trust with the brand.

Cases when Packaging Design is essential for companies.

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    Sustainable responsibility

    Consumers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and with that comes greater expectations on brands to find green packaging solutions.
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    Brand awareness

    Perfect packaging design sparks interest in your brand and clearly communicates your personality & values.
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    A crowded market

    Done right, packaging solutions can tell the story of your product in seconds and connect with your target audience.

Our Approach

Books are often judged by their covers. Products are often judged by their packaging. With certain markets being so heavily saturated, the decision about what product to buy has never been so dependent on a product’s packaging design. The right packaging solution can influence shopping behaviour. That's why we design packaging that strikes the balance between attractiveness, uniqueness and effectiveness.
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Our Packaging Design Process

Our Packaging Design Process


What kind of product are you selling? Who is your target market? These are just some questions we consider while considering your packaging design.


At this stage we undertake competitor analysis and audience research in order to best plan the packaging design. We also take into account current design trends and your overall branding to find the best packaging design.


We assess how the product's packaging will fit into the overall messaging and brand look and feel. The packaging solution should communicate brand values, as well as foster a sense of brand loyalty through the packaging design.


What packaging design will resonate with your target audience? Your brand and product needs to be visually engaging to compete against competitors. Perfect packaging should reflect your brand as well as your core messaging.

Print Preparation

There is nothing worse than creating packaging that is unique and visually engaging design and losing the impact after print. We supply all the relevant artwork and ensure a successful handover.

Handoff / Manage

We partner with trusted printing specialists to ensure a high quality result. We manage the successful implementation of the packaging solution.

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Good packaging design needs to make an impact to stand out and should convey information about a brand's values and personality. This helps people connect on an emotional level and builds brand loyalty over time.

What we can offer


Label Design
Box design
Outer Packaging e.g. tubes, boxes, bottles


Marketing strategy
Project Management
Print Management
Supplier Management

Tools we use

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Packaging design plays a critical part in brand development for your product. Your outer packaging is what you display to the world and can spark an emotional connection. It includes visual elements such as logo development, graphics, typography, colour and imagery.

Outer Packaging – The outer elements of packaging design such as box design, the materials protecting the product, and the product itself.

Packaging Dielines – A dieline is used by packaging design agencies as a placeholder for communicating to the printers what the proper layout of a document should be when printing. It also shows perforation, cutting, and folding marks for flat packaging.

Brand Development –  Brand development is the process of creating and strengthening your company’s brand.

Graphic Design – Graphic design visually communicates through a combination of images, words and visual concepts. It gives information to a target audience, ideally connecting on an emotional level.

Packaging Mock Ups – This is the design file that is used to create a physical package and reviewed for size, proportion and surface area for the end packaging design.

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