UX/UI, considered.

User Experience (UX) design refers to the range of emotions the user experiences whilst they interact with your product, service or software. In essence, UX design is a problem-solving discipline, the goal is to ensure that your product or service leaves a positive lasting impression with your target audience

Cases when UX/UI Design is essential for companies

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    Increase sales & conversions

    Creating a smooth and frictionless user journey is key to increasing both sales and conversions on your website/app.
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    Keep users engaged

    Users want to see the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. Achieve this by creating a good information architecture and create an exceptional experience.
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    Maximise profitability

    Increase profitability by putting the user first. Create a positive user experience by giving them what they need

Our Approach

A positive experience is built on strong research. The only way to avoid assumptions is to get to know the user. To do this we have to understand the user's needs as well as their behaviours. Research provides valuable context on the everyday problems and pain points users face when interacting with your company, product or software. 
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Our UX/UI Design Process

Our UX/UI Design Process


The foundation of every project. The research stage is key to creating an informed user experience. It is during this stage that we get a deep understanding of the user, their needs and expectations. The results of this stage inform the visual design, user journey and other key ux-ui design elements.


It is during this stage that we begin to draw insights from the data collected during the Research stage. Capturing, organising and making inferences from the data help us understand and validate any assumptions.


In this stage we begin to iterate ideas and layouts in response to the data. We work on the user flow to ensure we create a flow that is smooth and accommodates all of the users needs.


Prototypes are created to test and review with the client. They can range from low to high fidelity - from pen and paper to pixel perfect designs.


From the prototype we can test and validate our design with both the client and its users. This ensures nothing is missed and all pain points are accounted for prior to building.


Once the design is approved we will begin the building process. Whether it is a web application built on WordPress or a native app on your iPhone or Android - we ensure the design is built as it was intended.

Test / Support

Once the application is built we do one final test (snag) to make sure everything is okay prior to sending it live.
Check our UX/UI Design in action
A common misconception about design is that it only refers to how it looks. However, the reality is if you dig deeper it is about how it works. See the result of our work on a pricing structure for AgriNet - a SaaS Agricultural company.
AgriNet Pricing Page - Before AgriNet Pricing Page - After
Agri Net Mobile Website Pricing AgriNet Mobile Pricing After

What we can offer

UX Design

UX Research
Information Architecture
UX Writing

UI Design

Mood Board
Responsive Design
High Fidelity Designs
UI Style Guide
Layouts Design

Tools we use

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Our UX/UI Pricing

We have a pricing plan to suit you. No matter how big or small your business.
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starting from
For small and startup businesses who want to get to know their users.
What’s included:
  • One-hour user experience workshop
  • UX research
  • Competitive benchmark
  • Persona creation
  • User empathy map
  • Wireframes
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starting from
For medium to large businesses who want to increase conversions.
What’s included:
  • Everything from Starter
  • Two-hour user experience workshop
  • Affinity diagram
  • Customer journey map
  • User flow diagram
  • High fidelity prototypes
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contact us for a
Custom Quote
Get a tailored quotation to suit your business and your budget.
What’s included:
  • Discovery meeting
  • Custom quotation
  • Professional advice
  • Tailored user experience workshop
  • Custom solutions
  • Tailored to your budget

UX stands for user experience. UX design results in a web experience built specifically for the target audience. User experience design services will meet user expectations. UX agencies do this through UX research on user flows through a website and design the website around the user experience. User interactions need to be seamless and intuitive.

UI Design focused on the user interface as opposed to the user experience. User flow is important but it’s vital to consider user interfaces that capture the brand identityUI services look at ways to increase conversions through user interfaces and user interactions. UI designers create aesthetically pleasing visual design. They have a clear understanding of intuitive design.

Card Sorting – this determines the ideal structure, workflows and content organization for the website.

Wireframes  – allows you to see the layout as well as the placeholders for where images, copy and other elements go on the page

Tree Testing – this tests how usable the website is. UX/UI designers will evaluate the findability of topics in a website. This helps them with card sorting.

Native Apps – a native app is designed to run on a specific mobile operating system.

User Journey – this is how a user reaches their goal when navigating through a website. It is how a user interacts with the website and reaches their goal while navigating

Design Thinking – design concepts are developed through strategic and practical processes

Interaction Design – is about designing the interactions a user has with the website or app so that the user has a pleasant experience. Ideally, exceed user expectations

Usability Testing – UX/UI agencies don’t just come up with hypotheses about what will work on the website or app. Design decisions are based on testing user journeys after the final product goes live to ensure customer satisfaction e.g surveys, feedback forms, heatmaps etc. Key part of the design process

End User – the target audience the website will be built for

Working Prototype – this is a sample version of the final product. The UX design team will use it for testing and validating ideas before sharing them with the client

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